Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Photo Diary-January 2010

Well, this is my first Photo Diary of 2012! Like last month, it was another great month. I had lots n' lots of fun and I had a camera to capture all of the action!

Before I begin, I must tell you that I transferred all of my pictures to a CD and it won't tell me when I took some of the pictures. But, that is only the first week or so of my Photo Diary. Ugh...soooo, I won't be able to tell the exact date of some of the pictures I took. But, I'll try and tell you as much as I can about the first week or so of my Photo Diary where I won't confuse you. hee hee

Now, onward with this months Photo Diary...

~~~~~~~~~~~The Pictures With No Date...AKA Anything Before January 9th~~~~~~~~~~~

My little sister, Raine in the car

Raine's Converse :)

My cellphone


~~~~~~~~~~~The Rest of This Months Pictures With a Date...AKA Anything After January 9th~~~~~~~~~~~

~January 9th~

Okay, now that we have a date, things should be easier to follow! On this day, I went to go see Legally Blonde The Musical in Tulsa. It was the best...and of course, I had to get a few shots while walking into the PAC...hee hee...

~January 11th~

My Dad let me stop by the Cain's Ballroom where I could get some pictures of the place. I've always wanted to do so...and I did. I converted the first few into black & white because I just adore black & white. I also left some in color though.

Then, after that mini photo-shoot, we went roller skating. Of course, I suck at anything physical, so I just watched, hung out, and took lots and lots of pictures.

The photo booth was out of order, so I decided to take pictures anyway.

Drake looks so angelic in this picture...I have no clue why

~January 12th~

Just a picture from play practice. The boys were trying to do some trick or another...

~January 13th~

Honestly, who knew you could have fun at Sam's? Well, you must have never been anywhere with Drake and I. We can find fun in just about anything!

Even though the picture says Feather Fotography on it, I didn't take it...Drake did.

Now, these next few are from the car ride home...

Sweet little baby Raine

Drake and Ransome

"I promise, the flash isn't on."-Me

Drake and Ransome "bombing" the hill

Drake and Ransome "bombing" the hill

~January 16th~

I don't really care for how the pictures turned out. On the other hand,I loved how my makeup did! Silver on my eyes and red on my lips.

~January 22nd~

I was bored while waiting for my doctor to come, so I decided to take out my camera.

After that, some of my friends and my brother (Ransome) went skateboarding at the skatepark. I stay there as long as they did, taking pictures. I probably shot around 100 that day!

In color...


...and in black & white




I really like how this one turned out of Devin


After all of that, I shot some pictures of Raine jumping on a tramplion...

~January 25th~

~January 28th~

Ransome went skateboarding outside of a local church (I think it was atleast...). Just after I snapped this photo, I ran out of memorey on my Cammy. As soon as I started deleting some of my pictures, the man walks out and tell us to leave because "No skateboarding is allowed." Ransome and I got a kick out of always, we laugh at some pretty strange stuff! hee hee

~January 29th~

I took Raine and Ransome sledding on this day. I shot a few pictures because snow photos are just so pretty.


Well, that is it for this month. I hope you enjoyed! Until next time...

Sealed with a kiss...


~Raven ;)