Saturday, May 21, 2011

Photo Diary: April 2011

First things first--wow, it has sure been a long time since I last posted. I honestly haven't signed into my Blogger account in a while.

Second things second--it's my April Photo Diary! Before I begin it, let me say this: right before I went to Prom (And I mean RIGHT BEFORE--I was getting my hair fixed at the time of it happening), my dear camera broke...sorta. I use "sorta" because my camera works just find, but the viewfinder is broke. Sooo, in other words, I can still take pictures, although I can't see what I am taking a picture of. *SIGH* Must buy new camera...


April 2nd

My Mom entered in a cobbler contest in Tulsa. She made a 4-berry cobbler, which was very tasty!

I went outside for a while to get some pictures of downtown...

April 3rd

Play program!

April 5th

It was A Day Without Shoes. And Yes, I did go barefoot.

April 7th

My room...

April 11th

My wonderful friend Liam gave me an extra ticket he had to A Day to Remember! Ahhhh, he is indeed a good friend. =D

April 15th

It's my Rocklahoma ticket!! YEAH.

April 18th

It was my very first day at my new job! My new job is working at Planet J. It's kinda like a Zumiez meets Hot Topic. Very cool job, I must say.

April 20th

Boobies bracelet!!

One of our friends couldn't be at a homeschool thing, so we decided to bring it to him...sorta.

April 23rd

The day had finally come: PROM! This was also the day that my poor, POOR camera broke. :( Soooo, all of the pictures starting now are taken with a broken viewfinder. I was scared that all of the pictures would suck, but they didn't turn out that bad.

April 29th

Baby chicks at my grandparents house! How cute! I thought it was so cool how there was only one black chick and the rest were blonde.


Well, that's about it, folks. Until next time...

Sealed with a kiss...