Saturday, November 20, 2010

Photo Diary: October 2010

Looking back on my month of October, I can say that it was filled with a trip to New York City, finishing up a play I was in, and meeting Rock Stars! Kinda random, but that's just my life, babe. ;) Prepare yourself, 'cause I took a LOTTA pictures last month! Hope you like...


.October 1st.

I decided to try on a wig at acting and wear it around.

.October 2nd.

I wanted to turn in some of my loose change for some extra cash for my trip. I thought I had a lot more than $14.50!

After that, it was time to go to the theatre. I was a little sad because it was our last performance! With that said, I had to get this picture...MY gangstah picture...

As soon as the performance was over, it was time for our CAST PARTY! We went to a restaurant that wasn't too far from the theatre. I hardly got any pictures, which is always a sad thing. The lighting was just so sucky inside the restaurant!

.October 4th.

October 4th, otherwise known as the day I went to New York City!! It felt like forever to get there, I swear!

Getting ready to leave!


After many hours flying and riding, we finally made it to New York City! We stayed in Manhattan, probably a few blocks away from Madison Square Garden. Our hotel was called The New Yorker.

I think this man was taking a picture of the Empire State Building. It look so interesting that night...

See what I meant above? Cloudiness surrounded the top of the Empire State Building. My Dad told me that this photo looked like something out of a Batman movie. Sure, sure...

The New Yorker

A pizza place that we ate at on our first night.

I thought it was cool to see these steam things around the city!


.October 5th.

Second day in New York City, but first full day...

It makes me sad that this was the only "Broadway" sign I gotta a picture of. ):

I found it interesting that this is a Buddest Temple that once was a Synagogue. Talk about whatta change!

I was really wondering what this building was.

Radio City!

Up to the Brooklyn Bridge...

The Brooklyn Bridge.

Chinatown. I didn't really care for Chinatown that much. :P

The only thing I liked in Chinatown was the great food!

.October 6th.

My 3rd day in the big city...

These were some of the best bagels! But, I guess when you put that much cream cheese on something, how bad can it be?

Wall Street.

I was taking pictures when this taxi driver started waving, telling me to take one of him.

Battery Park.

On the Staten Island Ferry to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.

Look at that strange bird!


I found it interesting that the inside of Lady Liberty was like a museum.

Looking down...

Looking up...

Ellis Island.

A hotdog!

Nope, this isn't a statue, it's a real guy.

The Smithsonian.

.October 7th.

4th day in the Big Apple...

Breakfast in Greenwich...

It took me awhile and some asking people, but I found John Mayer's apartment! I was hoping he would walk out (Or in), but he didn't.

Just think, he was probably playing guitar up in his room...

Time Square.

If you give Cookie Monster a dollar, you get your picture taken with him!


Baby College in Harlem. What the...?

The Guggenheim.

Me outside of The Met.

I loved this statue!

No flash photography.

This was one of my favorite things in the Met.

A shot from our hotel room.

Hotel lobby.

.October 8th.

My last day in New York City! It was a great trip, but it was time to go HOME SWEET HOME!

While waiting for the Tiffany's to open, I started to take pictures of people walking down the street...




Trump Towers.

Me after my shopping in Tiffany's. ;)

5th Avenue.

From our hotel room.


Last look from airport.

.October 9th.

My first day back home. It took awhile to adjust back to Oklahoma, but I was glad to be home

Raine at Wal-Mart. =)

.October 10th.

Waiting for my Mom to come out of Homeland...

.October 13th.

Our homeschool group went on a trip to the Tulsa Zoo. Our last trip to the Zoo, my camera died. Not this time though!

Ransome being goofy.

Ransome & I.


Levi. (-:

Katy's water bottle.

Ransome. He looks SOOOO different in this picture!

Miranda, Katy, and I. :D



Rans & Raine.

.October 16th.

My friend Miranda had her Sweet Sixteen on this day! We first went to her house for cake and gift, then we went to The 13th Ward in Jenks, and THEN we went back to her place to chill by the fire. Good times...good times...

Tim & Noah.


Miranda's cake!

Miranda blowing out her candles.

Miranda opening her gifts.

I love this picture of Rosie!

This was Liam and Noah hugging. You kinda just had to be there...

Tim got this of Miranda & I with the bloody man.

Noah's evil look!

My only protection in the haunted house, according to Noah.


Miranda & I.


I don't know.

Thanks to Shauna, we were all able to do this.

Noah & Liam, dancing.

On the way home, I started to take pictures of downtown Tulsa. Dad told me to put it on some mode (I forgot at the moment...story of my life!) and it made all of these swirly lines!

.October 18th.


.October 24th.

My friend Gunner & I went up to Tulsa to go see Five Finger Death Punch! It was a GREAT concert! I didn't get a whole lotta pictures, but of course I got some. It was a fun night. The only thing that wasn't "fun" was getting lost until 2 in the morning!

.October 26th.

I found these shoes while I was shopping. I WANTED THEM REALLY BAD! I probably couldn't walk in them though...

.October 30th.

This is what I mean when I said I got to meet a Rock Star! Vince Neil of Mötley Crüe came to the Hard Rock Casino for a meet-and-greet! I was so excited! I found him at the bar, sitting between 2 blonde chicks. He wasn't as nice as I thought he would be, but I STILL took a picture with him!

.October 31st-Halloween.

For Halloween, I went over to Kristy's house to hand out candy and scare people by jumping up out of a coffin. She made me look freakin' scary! I called myself, The Living Dead Girl.


Well, my October has come to an end. Hope you liked! Until next time...

Sealed with a kiss...