Saturday, March 20, 2010

Photo Diary-February 2010

Lately, I've been noticing that a lot of my pictures have become very spontaneous. I'm almost always ready to pop out my camera at any given time for a number of reasons. Mainly, the reason being for fun. :) I think this will show in some of this months pictures...

NOW...allow me to present this months Photo Diary: The February 2010 Edition...


<3 February 4th <3

My Mom and I went to a Tulsa Blogger Meet-up at Joe Mama's. Since we both have blogs and all, we thought it would be nice to get to meet some other bloggers in the Tulsa area. Mom and I did meet a couple bloggers.

<3 February 6th <3

The next few pictures were taken in the dressing room at acting. We all were trying to figure out what to wear for our upcoming play. I found a few dresses that caught my eye, but I finally fell in love with a pink off-the-shoulder blouse and a lighter pink skirt.

I couldn't zip this dress up all the way...AND I also in this dress! I was so glad no one else was in there with me, because I had to jump around the room like a fool to get the dress off of me!

Don't you just love the shade of this outfit?!?

<3 February 8th <3

On this day, we had our monthly homeschool roller skating. As always, I played Photographer...BUT I DON'T MIND! I would rather do that than skate.

Raine :)

Silly girl!

Devin being his usual crazy self

<3 February 12th <3

I got my hair cut on this day. Nothing too much...just some layers and side-swept bangs.

I decided to not only take pictures of my hair, but the mini calender in our car...

<3 February 13th <3

The night before, I made some peanut-butter cookies. To my surprise, they actually turned out...and I didn't burn down the kitchen in the process. ;)

That night, I went to a dance with my friend, Drake. It was my second dance that I had been to. I had so much fun! I wore a black dress with with purple designs on it, a black see-through sweater over the dress, and black ballet flats. I wish I had better pictures of me in the dress...

I colored just the balloons...

My black ballet flat

Drake...I really like this one

Drake and I

I decided to make this one with REALLY high contrast. I thought it gave it a really cool look.

I also did it with this

<3 February 15th <3

These next few pictures were taken backstage at a middle school. A lot of the plays I do are performed at a local public middle school. It's part of our "In-School Programs". This play was about the Commedia Dell'Arte acting style. This wasn't the actual day of our play, just a rehearsal.

My purse...I would like the picture a lot more if you couldn't see my camera in the little button.

<3 February 17th <3

After months of work, it was finally show time! I decided, after this play, I'm going to take a much needed break from acting. Not that I don't love it, it's just that it takes up so much of my time!

Emma & I :)

<3 February 19th <3

My Mom had to go to the eye doctor, so Raine and I chilled in the waiting room. I soon popped out my camera and went off taking pictures...

After Mom's eye doc, I went to this thing on Russia at a library. It was pretty cool...I learned a word or so in Russian. Nothing too exciting or fun...until I took out my camera...


The Library


I don't know


Searching for books...

My model shot ;)

Thumbs up

<3 February 24th <3

Just some pixx of Raine sleeping in the car...

Sleeping Beauty


<3 February 26th <3

Some of my friends were wanting me to post pictures of my small clay works. I have always enjoyed making random little things out of clay! haha

An apple a day keeps the doctor away...

And as always, a self-porait

<3 February 26th <3

Drake and I took his little sisters (who are just so dang cute!) into Claire's, much to Drake's annoyance...

I decided to mess with Drake while he was talking to his Dad on the was fun, I must say!


Sadly, this is the end of my February 2012 Photo Diary...until next time...

Sealed with a kiss...


-Raven :)