Friday, July 16, 2010



I've been sucking on posting lately. I try to post AT LEAST once a week and comment on my favorite blogs as much as I can. But it can be hard when life gets the best of you. Ha! I've actually been doing some other stuff though...

One of the things I've been doing is organizing/cleaning my room. It's been...ummmm...interesting. I have almost gotten it how I want it to look. ALMOST.

After seeing bits and pieces of Pretty Little Liars, I decided to read the books. Boy, are the books good! They have a little mystery/drama thing going on.

I guess that's all I have to say for now. Until next time...

Sealed with a kiss...
~Raven ;)~

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Podcast of Ratt Poison

Just a little bit ago, I found out that KMOD posted a Podcast on their site of when I was on Ratt Poison with Lynn Hernandez the other night! It doesn't stay on forever will stay on until July 12th (next Monday). Soooo, make sure to go to and listen! I figured out how to download the Podcast into my iPod. So, now I can listen to it as much and as long as I want.

PS-I know you all are probably getting sick of reading about me being on the radio! I promise, this will be one of the last few post talking about it...well, maybe...hahahaha

PPS-I figured out how to do font colors on Blogger! I forgot how to it until just now! Don't ask how I forgot...

Sealed with a kiss...
~Raven ;)

Friday, July 2, 2010

KMOD Baby!

Well, I had just about the greatest day yesterday. Being on the radio was amazing! I got to pick two songs for the Drive-Thru-Lunch (Slice of Your Pie-Mötley Crüe & Young Lust-Pink Floyd) and recorded the whole show with Lynn Hernandez. After we were finished with the Drive-Thru-Lunch, we recorded Ratt Poison, where I was able to pick ALL OF THE MUSIC FOR THE WHOLE ENTIRE SHOW!! As you can probably see, I was in heaven. (:

If want to hear me on Ratt Poison (I really hope you do!), you listen to 97.5 KMOD FM or you can listen on The show is on at 11:00 to Midnight.

Here are some pictures I took yesterday. The lighting wasn't very good in KMOD, so some of the pictures may be a little blurry.

Playlist for the Drive-Thru-Lunch

Lynn Hernandez & I

Sealed with a kiss...