Monday, November 30, 2009

Photo Diary-Nov 2009

What a month it has been! I've been so busy with my plays that I've hardly taken any pictures. But, I have managed to take some pictures...

.Nov 2nd.

I took this at rehearsal while I was waiting for everyone to get there. Timers on cameras are just great.

..Nov 10th..

I took this rose on a mini photo shoot with me. The rose came from my grandy's bouquet of flowers.

...Nov 12th...

Fun at the skate park...

...I love taking pictures of graffiti...

...and my sweet baby sis.

....Nov 14th....

Someway or another, I found out a new trick where you turn of the light, and shine a flashlight at whatever you are taking a picture of. Weird, maybe, but I sure snapped a wicked picture of my eye.

.....Nov 18th.....

Taken at a homeschool meeting (AKA Cornerstone)...

This is my beautifully redheaded friend, Katy

In color

In black & white

......Nov 19th......

These were taken at one of my many play practices. They are not the best of pictures...indoor pictures are still not one of my strong talents.

CHEESE! Haha, I'm so lame

There you have it-my month in pictures. Hope you liked!

Sealed with a kiss...


Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Oh man, it's been a while since I last posted on here! It's so unlike me because I try to post AT least once a week. I have been so busy with a play I am in right now. I'm currently in Velveteen Rabbit and The Lost & Found Christmas.

In Velveteen Rabbit, I play Nursery Magic, a fairy in the end who makes the little rabbit "Real". I love playing a fairy! I can't tell you how much fun it is to dress up like one. I get to be all sparkly with glitter!

In The Lost & Found Christmas, I play Mrs. Slow. It's funny, we all have names that represent who we are (i.e. Mrs. Glad is always glad, Mrs. Slow moves and talks slow, and Mr. Fast acts fast). It's an okay, play. But, my favorite is Velveteen.

I have taken a bunch of pictures and I need to post them on here! Will post some soon...

Sealed with a kiss...


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

101 Things I Love as of Nov 17th 2009

I did this on my blog a while back. "101 Things I Love" is about, well 100 things I love (suprise!). I originally got the idea from a friend who did this on her blog. These are in no certain just sit back and enjoy!

1. My family

2. My weird n' crazy friends

3. My pets

4. Art

5. Music

6. Acting

7. My iPod

8. Photography

9. Writing

10. Reading

11. Big Cities

12. Bass guitars

13. Food

14. Theatre

15. Shopping

16. My room

17. Body sprays

18. True love

19. Diet Dr. Pepper

20. Halloween

21. Diaries

22. Watching videos on Youtube

23. Fashion

24. Pillows

25. Babies

26. Roses

27. Mermaids

28. Feathers

29. Good old rock n' roll

30. Cooking

31. Dogs

32. The smell of guy's cologne

33. Desperate Housewives

34. High heels

35. Hello Kitty

36. Fame

37. Makeup

38. Talking way too much

39. Fruit

40. Christmas

41. Mötley Crüe

42. Thunderbird bass guitars

43. Jewelry

44. Psychology

45. Drawing

46. Converse

47. Photographs

48. Herbal Essences shampoo and conditioner

49. Facebook

50. Tattoos

51. Book club

52. Romance

53. Hand Cleaner

54. The number 21

55. Ford anything

56. Kat Von D

57. Kathy Van Zeeland purses

58. The Kardashian sisters

59. KMOD

60. Broadway

61. Blogging

62. Pregnant people

63. Coffee

64. Expressing myself

65. Black & white

66. Balloons

67. Fuzzy socks

68. Glitter

69. Swimming

70. Balloons

71. Nikki Sixx

72. Funky birds

73. Beautiful grand pianos

74. Blankets

75. Colors

76. Scarves

78. Magazines

79. Friends (the TV show)

80. The Sunset Strip

81. Talented people

82. Tommy Lee

83. Victoria’s Secret

84. Long hair

85. Crafts

86. My radio

87. Paint

88. Texting

89. Milk (got milk?)

90. Clay

91. Nail polish

92. Concerts

93. Laughter

94. Hats

95. Careers

96. Sharpies

97. Drums

98. Fairies

99. Pacman

100. Hearts

101. Smiling =) :) :D =] :] :-) :^)

Well, there you have it! Of course, the things I love goes on and on and on...

Sealed with a kiss...


Sunday, November 8, 2009


Remember in my October Photo Diary I was talking about a fall-get-together we had? Well, a lady who is a professional photographer also took some pictures at the party. Every time she has her camera out, I almost always ham it up! Here are some of the pictures she shot of me...

Me shooting Shawn while she is shooting me...

Sealed with a kiss...


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Photo Diary-October 2009

Well, this months pictures are basically filled with roses, parties, Halloween stuff, and lots of other junk. Let me tell you a little about my month in photographs...


It was Raine's big day because she was got her ears pierced! What a big milestone for a little girl, if you ask me. I was six when I got mine done, while she was just 2


Cleaning Raine's ears

Awww, her earrings

Marking the spot...


I don't think Raine realized that it was going to hurt. Poor baby!

Then, after we got her ears pierced, we went over to one of my favorite spots to take pictures at-the park. I love taking pictures there because of the writing on the tables. I don't know why though, it just really draws me in to say the least. Here are some pictures I got from the park...

Yours truly, me


This is when my Homeschool group and I went on a trip to the Zoo. I had a blast, even though my camera died. But I did manage to get some pictures...

Katy and I in the door that looks like a mirror

For more pictures from this day, click on this link

-OCTOBER 10th-

On this day, I went to Indie Emporium...a little artsy event in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I snapped lots of pictures from the fashion show (which I did the makeup for).

From the fashion show

Bracelets from my friend, Ben

-OCTOBER 15th-

Just some quick snaps in the car mirror...

-OCTOBER 16th-

I was at the skatepark with my brother and there was this BEAUTIFUL rose garden next to it. Since roses being my favorite flower and all, I just couldn't help myself... @>-+-

-OCTOBER 21st-

I went to two Halloween parties that day! The first one was for my homeschool group and the other one was for book club-yes, I know what you must be thinking "Book club? What a dork!". I enjoy reading, so bite me. hee hee

Me as a hip witch

-OCTOBER 24th-

This was a party we had out at my grandparent's house. It was sort of a "fall-get-together". We all had a blast!

Aside from my own sis, this is one of the cutest girls I know!

Ugh, that's my friend, Drake...skating into oncoming traffic...nice...

-OCTOBER 30th-

I just decieded to take picture of random stuff...

I can't tell you how much I love doing things like this...


Well, that's about it for this months photo diary. I hoped you enjoyed it!

Sealed with a kiss...