Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Photo Diary-October 2009

Well, this months pictures are basically filled with roses, parties, Halloween stuff, and lots of other junk. Let me tell you a little about my month in photographs...


It was Raine's big day because she was got her ears pierced! What a big milestone for a little girl, if you ask me. I was six when I got mine done, while she was just 2


Cleaning Raine's ears

Awww, her earrings

Marking the spot...


I don't think Raine realized that it was going to hurt. Poor baby!

Then, after we got her ears pierced, we went over to one of my favorite spots to take pictures at-the park. I love taking pictures there because of the writing on the tables. I don't know why though, it just really draws me in to say the least. Here are some pictures I got from the park...

Yours truly, me


This is when my Homeschool group and I went on a trip to the Zoo. I had a blast, even though my camera died. But I did manage to get some pictures...

Katy and I in the door that looks like a mirror

For more pictures from this day, click on this link

-OCTOBER 10th-

On this day, I went to Indie Emporium...a little artsy event in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I snapped lots of pictures from the fashion show (which I did the makeup for).

From the fashion show

Bracelets from my friend, Ben

-OCTOBER 15th-

Just some quick snaps in the car mirror...

-OCTOBER 16th-

I was at the skatepark with my brother and there was this BEAUTIFUL rose garden next to it. Since roses being my favorite flower and all, I just couldn't help myself... @>-+-

-OCTOBER 21st-

I went to two Halloween parties that day! The first one was for my homeschool group and the other one was for book club-yes, I know what you must be thinking "Book club? What a dork!". I enjoy reading, so bite me. hee hee

Me as a hip witch

-OCTOBER 24th-

This was a party we had out at my grandparent's house. It was sort of a "fall-get-together". We all had a blast!

Aside from my own sis, this is one of the cutest girls I know!

Ugh, that's my friend, Drake...skating into oncoming traffic...nice...

-OCTOBER 30th-

I just decieded to take picture of random stuff...

I can't tell you how much I love doing things like this...


Well, that's about it for this months photo diary. I hoped you enjoyed it!

Sealed with a kiss...



3galsmama said...

I really, really enjoy looking at your photography, girl!!

Ink Obsession Designs said...

Great shots once again! :)

I think I was three when I got my ears pierced...I remember walking into the earring shop and then running out when I realized what was going to happen!