Monday, June 28, 2010

Vince Neil: Arrested

Vince Neil was arrested last night on a DUI charge...and to think he is suppose to be sober! I felt so bad for him after seeing his mugshot! He looked so sad...

I guess Vince better be keeping it, Tattoos & No Tequila! :P

Sealed with a kiss...


Saturday, June 26, 2010

Photo Diary-May 2010

Well, another month has came and went! Wow, I hate how time flys. Why can't it take it's sweet time?

I'm really disappointed with my photos this month. I wish I would have simply pulled out my camera more. But, I guess it's one of those Woulda-Shoulda-Coulda Deals. SIGH

I don't really have much else to say so I'll shut up and let you look at my pictures! :D

~May 5th~

Right by the park where I go to homeschool group, there is this beautiful garden full of roses. It's one of my favorite places to take pictures!

I have this one framed in my room

After that, I went to the park to hang out with my friends...


I didn't take this picture...

...or this picture

I don't know why, but this picture cracks me up! If you knew him, you probably would laugh too.

My parents bought my grandma a cake for Mother's Day (a few days early). It was chocolate on chocolate...very tasty!

~May 6th~

Raine got a little pink crown in her happy meal. A crown for the Princess. :)

Later that afternoon, Raine wanted to paint outside...

My favorite piece of jewelry that I own, my heart-shaped locket

~May 8th~

I found this mini mirror in my room and I thought it would make for a cool picture...I think it kind of did the job...;)~

"Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?"

~May 12th~

My grandparent's have some of the prettiest flowers! See for yourself...

~May 15th~

After messing around on a log at our creek, my little brother, Ransome, had a horrible fall and broke his arm. I thought he would go to the ER and come back with a cast, but it wasn't that simple. He had to stay in the hospital over night because he had to have pins placed in his arm. Ouch He was such a tough guy though!

Outside the hospital

~May 16th~

Okay, so these next few pictures were taken just a few hours after the one above. Technically, they were taken after midnight, which would count as the "16th".

Later that morning, while Rans was in surgery, Raine and I sat by our hospital rooms window and took pictures. I really love how the ones of her turned out. She looks so gorgeous in them!

~May 20th~

A man I go to acting with opened up this REALLY cool skateshop! It had an assortment of concert t-shirts, skateboards, stickers, keychains, and much more.


~May 21st~

A quick shot of my eye...hahahahahahahaha...

~May 22nd~

Zumiez was hosting a skate competition called Best Foot Forward at the Broken Arrow skatepark. Ransome stayed on the sidelines, taking it all in.

~May 24th~

My Mom's wedding dress was all boxed up, but something happened to the packaging (torn I think). Soooo, my Mom took it out of it's box and had me hang it in my room. She is planning on getting it packaged up again...but...until stays in my room...where I can take pictures of it! XD

~May 26th~

Park Day...

~May 28th~

Just some pictures from when I sat outside with Raine while she swam. ~(:

~May 29th~

I wanted some pictures of myself (is that vain or what?) for Facebook, Blog, Myspace, and such. This was my Facebook Profile Picture and now is Blogger Profile Picture.


Well, that is the end May 2012, for me atleast. Hope you enjoyed! Until next time...

Sealed with a kiss...

~Raven ;)~