Wednesday, December 31, 2008


For the past few weeks, I have had a HUGE obsession with coffee. I have drank anything from Mochas (which I have a recipe for…just keep reading…) to coffee with cream and sugar to lattes to espresso shot, pretty much anything I can get my hands on! Most of the time I get my coffee fixes from McDonalds, gas stations, at home (made by my mom:) and any other location I can get it at! Well, before I ramble on anymore about how much I love coffee, here is the recipe for my Iced Mocha…




Ready Whip Cream

Hot fudge



1. Fill your glass ¾ of the way with ice
2. Put hot fudge in microwave until melted. Now pour it over your ice.
3. Pour Coffee over hot fudge and ice.
4. Add milk.
5. Now (with spoon) mix coffee, hot fudge and milk until blended. Your Mocha should be a dark brown color, If not you should add more hot fudge.
6. Add whip cream and enjoy!

Sealed with a kiss…



Rao said...

Haha, coffee is way overrated.

{Raven} said...

You just haven't had a good cup! Trust me...

Anonymous said...

I am addicted to coffee. I have about 3-7 cups a day. I haven't tried it yet, but there is a cool and easy looking mocha mix. You can make hot chocolate with it too. It's like $9 for a lot of mix.