Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I have two philosophies when it comes to makeup:

1. Makeup is to bring out your natural beauty, not to cover it up
2. Makeup is another way of expressing yourself

I love makeup. Period. All colors and almost every brand. I look forward to putting on my makeup everyday. Matching my eye shadow to my outfit, trying different makeup trends, trying out a new I mascara I just got…the list goes on. So if you are having any troubles with your makeup, then you may want to read….

Raven’s Makeup Tips on…


Best Products/Brands: Rimel London Glam ‘eyes, Rimel London Eye Magnifier, Mark Make it Big

Tips: Pay close attention to what mascara you are purchasing. Make sure that you are buying the right mascara for your lashes. AND…if you get any mascara on your eyelids while applying it, please, take the time to wipe it off!

Eye Shadow

Best Products/Brands: Avon, Bare Minerals (Radiant Rebecca is one of my favorites!), Cover Girl, Mark

Tip: Use a brush, not a sponge applicator. Sponges give a harsh, heavy hand look. While brushes give a natural, smooth, overall pretty look.

Eye Liner

Best Brands/Products: Smash Box,

Tips: Make sure to take your time when putting on eyeliner. Nobody wants or likes crooked eyeliner.

I don’t really use anything else…well, I take that back. I sometimes wear lipstick/lip-gloss…but I don’t have any tips on that…at least, not today. ;^)

Sealed with a kiss…

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Rockstar said...

Yeah, I can't wear make-up yet... my mom doesn't want me to rely on make-up. So I need to work more on my acne first, and the stuff I am using... "Black Head Remover"... really works! But, when I do start wearing make-up I will definitively come back to this blog. You should go to beauty school, if you don't have something else in mind!

{Raven} said...

I'm flattered! Thank you so much!

Tiqa Khairi said...

I dont wear make up but I think your philosophies are true! Make up IS to bring out your natural beauty.