Thursday, January 22, 2009

Raven's Best Dressed List

The women I picked for Raven’s Best Dressed List are real women and a few characters off of my favorite TV shows. These women inspire me through fashion and elsewhere.

Carrie Bradshaw-Original, colorful and playful

Carrie Bradshaw is (played by Sarah Jessica Parker) a character off of the hit show Sex and the City. Her style is fashionable with a few elements of her own thrown in.

Signature Piece(s)- Manolo Shoes

Victoria Beckham-Posh Spice

No wonder Victoria is known as Posh Spice among the Spice Girls. Her look is high fashion for indeed.

Signature Piece(s)-I hate to say it, but I don’t have a SP for Mrs. Beckham :(

Cindy McCain-Classic…Never goes out of style

I always oogle (I don’t know if “oogle” is a word…I don’t really care if it is one or not!) over what Cindy McCain is wearing. She presents herself in a put together way.

Signature Pieces-A long pearl necklace, which she raps around her neck a few times.

Hillary Clinton-Simple Business Attire

Hey, you got to love “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pantsuits”! Hillary’s pantsuits are like a box of Crayons, full of color!

Signature Pieces-Pantsuits (duh)

Steven Tyler-Over the top

Okay, I know Steven isn’t a woman, but I love his crazy sense of style! His outfits are full of color and lots of personality.

Signature Pieces-lots and lots of scarves and a feather (which he wears in his hair)

Gabrielle Solis-Spicy and Fierce

Gabrielle Solis is (played by Eva Longoria Parker) one of the main characters off of Desperate Housewives. Eva’s character is fresh off of the runway and it sure does show in her outfits. But if you tune into Desperate Housewives now, you will notice that Gaby’s style has gone down hill big time.

Signature Pieces-Anything designer!

Lauren Conrad-California Chic

California Chic: somewhat laid back with some trendy elements. Lauren also says that she loves to wear high heels!

Signature Pieces-High heels

Kat Von D-Edgy and with a girly-girl touch

I don’t think I would ever wear what Kat does, but I sure like how her outfits stand out from most!

Signature Pieces-A long feather earring.


Rockstar said...

Wow, you love fashion! We need to go to the mall together! I love shopping, but I don't really have someone with me saying that "It doesn't look good, try this!" And I think you would do that! It'll be fun! lol

~Raven~ said...

We should do that sometime!:):):):)