Monday, May 4, 2009

Pictures from "The Mi$er"

My long, hard, yet very enjoyable journey of “The Mi$er’ has come to an end. It was hard saying goodbye to playing my character, Marianne. She was a lot of fun to play because Marianne is such a total ding-dong. Sort of like Crissy Snow from Three’s Company.

Here are some pictures my director took of us at a dress rehearsal…

Frosine-I’ve seen twenty-five-year olds who look older than you.

Marianne-This is going to be horrible.

Frosine-Why? What is there to worry about?

Marianne-What would you worry about if your neck was directly under the guillotine?

Harpagon-Valere, beat the crap out of him.






Marianne-Father! Do you have any money?

Harpagon-Don’t be offended, mom petit bon-bon, that I come to meet you with my spectacles on. I know that you earthly charms are radiant enough to dazzle the naked eye, but it is through lenses that we observe the stars, you know, and you yourself are the brightest light of the firmament, nay, a galaxy of delights to the soul and to this delicate, but oh so passionate, frame. (a deadly stillness) Frosine, why isn’t she saying anything?

Cleante-You have my assurances. Marianne, turn those bountiful charms that have so slain my heart on to your mother; she must let you out of your side of the contract. Beg, cajole, bring up childhood memories, sing sad songs, quack like a duck-whatever it takes-just convince her. And then, we are each others to caress ‘til death do us part.

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acemom said...

Never say goodbye to the characters you play ... they will always have a special place in your heart. :)