Monday, August 17, 2009

Names of Famous Rock Star's

A lot of times, I wonder what Rock Star's real names are. So, I went to the all knowing, and searched names of well known Rock Star's. I always thought that Ozzy Osbourne's first name was Oswald. Turns out, it's sometimes completely different...

This is who I looked up and what I found...

Sammy Hagar-Samuel Roy Hagar

Mick Jagger- Sir Michael Philip Jagger

Slash-Saul Hudson

Eddie Van Halen-Edward Lodewijk Van Halen

Vince Neil-Vincent Neil Wharton

Angus Young-Angus McKinnon Young

Stephen Pearcy -Stephen Eric Pearcy

Nikki Sixx-Frank Carlton Serafino Ferrana, Jr.

Slash-Saul Hudson

Tommy Lee-Thomas Lee Bass

Malcolm Young-Malcolm Mitchell Young

Kirk Hammett-Kirk Lee Hammett

Mick Mars-Bob Alan Deal

Steven Tyler-Steven Victor Tallarico

Axle Rose-William Bruce Rose Jr.

Joe Perry-Anthony Joseph Perry

Robin Crosby-Robbinson Lantz Crosby

Ozzy Osbourne-John Michael Osbourne

Duff McKagan-Michael Andrew McKagan

John Bon Jovi- John Francis Bongiovi Jr.

Randy Rhoads-Randall William Rhoads

Kurt Cobain-Kurt Donald Cobain

Sealed with a kiss...

-Raven F.

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