Friday, October 16, 2009

Indie Emporium

Last Saturday was Indie Emporium! It was my first year attending this big Tulsa event and I can say that I had lots of fun at it! I loved looking at what all of the artsy booths had to offer. I bought some really cute necklace charms from Hollyrocks. I also bought a postcard (I plan on hanging it up in my room) from a booth that I can’t remember the name of. After the vendors left, Indie Emporium hosted their fashion show…Which I did the makeup for! Check out some of the pictures I shot…

For some reason, my friend Ben wanted me to take pictures of his bracelets and hat.

I LOVED this picture so that I just had to take a picture of it!

I found this scarf for sell. It is basically different concerts t-shirts sewn together. Pretty cool if you ask me...

Backstage at the fashion show

This is the first girl I did makeup on at the fashion show.

This is Holly, another girl I did makeup on. Doesn't she look pretty?

During the fashion show

Sealed with a kiss...



Hollyrocks said...

It WAS fun, wasn't it? I'm so glad you enjoyed yourself. I forgot that you took a picture of me. That's cool, because I didn't get any photos of me when I was all glammed up.

So you're coming next year, right?

**==--..__Raven__..--==** said...

YES! I'm coming next year for sure...I had lots of fun!

1amydee said...

how exciting!! wish we had indie events in Cali. :'{

oh well... at least i've been to the Rosebowl Antique Market! If you ever come to Los Angeles u gotta check it out,, so many treasures (never enough $) LOL!

I've always thought cosmetology would be a fun avenue to explore and test out my creative endeavors,, but for now i have to stick to Graphic Design.

Thanks for giving me a second-hand experience~!