Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Photo Diary-July 2010

I was reviewing my pictures for this months Photo Diary and was shocked at how few pictures I took, not to mention sad. I hate it when I slack on taking pictures. Oh well! At least I managed to get pictures of the important events, like going to KMOD! =)

I don't know what else to say, so I'll let my pictures do the talking!


July 1st

I won a contest through KMOD where I got to be on the radio for The Drive-Thru Lunch and Ratt Poison with Lynn Hernandez. It was an amazing experience! If you want to read more about my trip to KMOD, just click here.

4th of July

I didn't really do too much for the 4th, other than dress in red. I love red!

July 9th

There is a feed store where I live called B&L Feed. Mom goes there to buy corn and/or plants. I go there to take pictures!

Then, later that day, Raine went to get a haircut. She got a trim and side-swept bangs. It was so cute seeing her sitting in the big chair!

Kristy doing her job

Silly girl

Kristy took this one of Raine & I

THEN, even later that day, my cousin, Hollie, took me to look at some puppies her dog had. They were so stinkin' cute!

July 13th

Just a few pictures of Raine & I in some Pirate hats...

I think Raine looks so sweet in this picture!!

My jeans. Let me just say, it was WAY too hot to wear jeans that day!

July 18th

A little container of salsa from Taco Bueno...hee hee...

July 21st

I sometimes love to take my camera out and take a LOT of different pictures. I decided to take my camera out at the park and have fun...

Shelby loves Bobby...but does Bobby love Shelby?

I always love to capture things mid-air!

July 31st

On this sunny day, we had a nice family-get-together at out creek. We had lots of tasty food and spent a great portion of our time in the creek. I had a pretty good time!


Well, that's the end of this months Photo Diary! Once again, I'm sorry I took so few pictures. I PROMISE next months will have many more pictures!

Sealed with a kiss...



AJ said...

I love your pictures!!!!
They are all so amazing. I love Photography also. I have been working on a portfolio so I can apply to be the yearbook photographer at my school next year. I hope I get chosen! I love taking pictures!

Brilliant Creations said...

Great pics, Raven!!! I love the ones you take of your siblings. Their personality really shows, and they are so adorable!!!! Keep it up!!!

Nathalie said...

Such cool pics :) These posts are really great. It is great to have the camera handy to take a lot of snaps during the month

Jaime @ La vie...J'aime said...

Cute pics- the puppy is just adorable!!

Anonymous said...

i like the pictures in this post a lot. particularly the ones at the radio station and your little sis having her hair chopped. :)

Erin Bradley said...

These are great! I especially LOVE the little puppies...too, too cute! :)