Saturday, August 7, 2010

Photo Diary-June 2012 (JUNE IN AUGUST?!?)

Can you believe that I am just NOW doing my Photo Diary?!? It's August and I don't know how I have fallen so behind on my pictures. Do I suck or what? Don't answer that...

I've been thinking about Photo Shop lately and how people use it. I like to use it to convert my photographs into black & white, to jpeg them so it doesn't take so long to upload, to write words on my photos, and sometimes to make the contrast REALLY, REALLY high. I love it for that. However, I don't love it when people OD on it, trying to make their photographs "picture perfect". These types of people will Photo Shop ANYTHING just to get their picture flawless. It drives me crazy because it's hard to know what's real. To me, photographs are suppose to capture a moment in time, exactly how it looked when it happened...not how you wished it would have looked. That's why I don't like to edit out anything. I like to keep it real baby! ;)~


Now, that I'm finished with my rant on Photo Shop, allow me to begin my Photo Diary for August...


: June 2nd :

Some of these next few pictures suck because they were taken indoors. Flash can really wash things out.

That's what it looks like when I win at a game of air hockey.

Ready to kill!

: June 8th :

This was my little brother, Ransome's 9th Birthday! My Mom made him a cake with the Girl skateboard logo it. Not only did the cake taste amazing, but it also looked it!

What a goofball! ha ha ha ha ha

: June 12th :

This is a little example of how my Short Attention Span (SAS for short) works: I go to the bathroom and then decide to take some pictures. How messed up is that?

: June 14th :

I love these pair of earrings my grandma gave to me. She gave them to me to wear for a play I was in that took place in the 18th century. I think they went perfect with that time era.

My fingers on my camera case

: June 16th :

I like to doodle, but who doesn't?

Later that day, I went to one of my favorite places: Ulta! I bought a very pretty eye shadow by Urban Decay. It's called Midnight Cowboy. It a very light beige with silver sparkle flex in it. I wish the sparkles would have shown up better in this picture because they are gorgous!

: June 18th :

Oh flowers, how we all love you...

I found this little book at a yard sale. I didn't buy it, but I really liked what it said on it.

Later that day, my family and I went to go hang out at the creek...

: June 19th :

My parents gave me an early Birthday gift that came in a blue box...:)~...

I have always wanted something from Tiffany & Co.!

: My Sixteenth Birthday AKA June 21st :


Raine being a wiener

The pictures for this day were not in great order!

: June 23th :

I had some leftover balloons from my Birthday (not helium ones though). I decided to have some fun and fill paint and glitter in a few of them. I also took some pictures of Ransome playing baseball.

I think this is a picture of my skirt....

: June 25th :

I had to go to the hospital for a little outpatient procedure. I was just chilling in my hospital gown and thought I would pull out my camera and document this epic event in my life. hee hee

: June 27th :

Yes, yet another Birthday! In case you haven't kept count, that is 3 Birthdays! My sweet baby sister, Raine turned 3 on this lovely day.

That evening, the sky changed into this interesting color. The sky also had a beautiful rainbow up in the clouds!


Well, I'm afraid that's all I have for my June 2010 Photo Diary. Once again, I'm sorry how late I am with it!

Sealed with a kiss...


Brandon Prows said...

Haha, how fun. I love photography as well. :) I just barely bought a new camera, and it makes my adventures with my camera a much more enjoyable experience. :) Maybe I'll blog about that next. :)

In response to your comment on MY blog, I just want to say that I will forever adore you for loving Pink Floyd. Even though, I think the film of The Wall ultimately missed the point of the album, I think it was a great film.

Also, if you ever want to see Mötley Crüe, just come down here. They come every year for the Crüe Fest. ;)

Holly Embry said...

I love your photo diaries, no matter when you post them! It's so much fun to view the world through your camera lens. Also, how is it possibly for you to look like a supermodel in a hospital gown. No fair!!

I am so excited to hear that you might be doing Indie Emporium!! Can't wait to see you there!

Jaime @ La vie...J'aime said...

Beautiful sunset photos. Love the ones of you in the sunglasses too :)