Friday, November 5, 2010

Photo Diary: September 2010

If you look at this month's photos, you can easily guess where I spent most of my time: The theatre. After taking a little break from the ol' theatre, I decided to be in a play. I wasn't center stage for this production though. I wasn't even on stage...I was backstage working as a stage manager. I did it once before and loved it. They were needing a stage manager for this show, so I thought I would like to do it again. I'm really glad I did, 'cause I had an amazing time!

Now then, let me let you experience my month of pictures...I hope you enjoy...:)...

:::September 1st:::

How do you like my glittery nail job? I forgot how many different coats of nail polish that I used, but it was a lot!

Ransome was naturally skating at the skate park. It seems like that's what he is meant to do...

:::September 3rd:::

I bought Raine some funky bubble blowers, 'cause she loves to blow bubbles. She's sucha cutie...

:::September 4th:::
I spent my whole Saturday up at the theatre. I was getting in the groove of working backstage and learning what everybody needed and when. Kinda overwhelming at first, but after you know what you have to do, it gets easier. I can't say that it ever gets easy, but it defiantly gets easier!

:::September 5th:::

I also spent half of my Sunday at the theatre too!

:::September 8th:::

In the van, nothing too crazy.

Don't you just love this nail polish color?

:::September 10th:::

Raine, Dad, & I ate breakfast at this McDonald's in Tulsa that is built like an old diner. It makes eating at Mickey D's feel a heck of lot fancier!!

:::September 14th:::

Play practice shots...

Goofing off.

:::September 17th:::

This was the opening night of our play! Things actually went pretty smoothly that night.

"Gunner's Lipshtique"-His cup and his artwork.
"ZING!"-My cup and Gunner's artwork. Zing is a strange inside joke. Don't ask...
I'm not sure if this is super cute or super weird.

:::September 20th:::

I was shopping for clothes and thought I would put out Cammy in the dressing room.

:::September 23rd:::

Random pictures of me in the car...

:::September 29th:::

My homeschool group and I went on a tour of the Pensacola Dam. I've been there once before on a tour, but didn't get pictures. This time, I did, but only a few before my camera died. :-( I can't tell you how sick it makes me when that happens! I was super bummed this time though, 'cause we were going to go tour Harbor Village right afterwards. At least I got a few pictures!


That about does it for this month. I hope I have more of a variety next month!

Sealed with a kiss...



hiven said...

so lovely
x hivennn. enter my giveaway? six whole miss patina dresses to giveaway.

Holly said...

I love the nails, and great job as the stage manager! You're quite the busy little girl. Thanks for giving us a glimpse into your month!