Saturday, February 5, 2011

Photo Diary: January 2011

Ahhhh, January, the month that kicked off 2011. What more can I say? Nothing really, so I'm just going to start in with the picture show!



I was at the doctor's office and noticed that there were crazy mirrors...

Not only were there crazy mirrors in the waiting room, but there were also crazy babies!



On this day, Miss Raine got her ears pierced. She had them pierced once before, but sadly one of her earrings was ripped out. Ouch. She was all ready to get pierced again though!



I thought this was kind of a cool picture of the radio...just kinda.


This was a BIG day for me-IT WAS THE DAY THAT I FINALLY GOT MY LICENSE! I guess you could say that it's a big day for any teenager.



My grandma got a beautiful bouquet of flowers for me because of getting my license. I love all of the big white lilies. So pretty!


Sometimes, I feel the need for a new Profile Picture for my Facebook. Ha. Some people say I take too many pictures of myself. Maybe I'm vain, but whatever-that's just me!

I have a goofy little brother. He is probably almost as goofy as me. We decided to take some pictures of us acting out...well, not really sure what we were acting out. Ha.

I have a lot more pictures like this one, but I didn't want you to think I'm TOO weird.


Sometimes when I'm waiting in the car, I like to take out my camera and just take a lotta random pictures...


I helped out with the theatre on this day. I hadn't really done anything with them since I was in a play last year. It was time, indeed.


Another example of me waiting in the car...



Well, that about sums it up for the month! Bye-bye. :)~

Sealed with a kiss...


Jade "Purple" Brown said...

great photo diary, those flowers look beautiful!

Anonymous said...

great pics. Congrats on your licence!

Sam · Dark Butterfly said...

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