Monday, August 20, 2012

Tattoos & Piercings

Lately, I've been thinking about tattoos & piercings. I have no tattoos & only my ears pierced (one hole in each ear). I got my ears pierced again a few years back---so I would have two holes in each ear---but it healed up both times I did it. I've thought about getting an Industrial Piercing, but I've heard they really hurt. I've always wanted an upper ear piercing, but never have gotten around to doing it. I use to want my nose pierced and then I found out it leaves a tiny hole that is visible. So, I'm kind of thinking about getting some sort of ear piercing. As for tattoos...I've always wanted one, though I can never land on a design and location. I've always liked the idea of something bird related, since my name is Raven Feather & all. I use to like the feather that's bursting into a bunch of birds, until I found out that it's a popular design on Pinterest. Errrrrr. Maybe I'll make my mind on a day.

Sealed with a kiss...



Holly said...

As far as tattoos go, I think it's good that you're choosy about what you get. Make sure it's something you'll always love because that's how long you'll have it. Placement is important too. All of mine can be covered up with a short-sleeved shirt and I like that. I also recommend getting a custom-drawn tattoo due to the same originality issue you mentioned with Pinterest.

tattoosdesigns said...

best of luck to you ,,,,,may be someday you will have some nice tattoos designs