Monday, January 11, 2010

Photo Diary-December 2009

Last month was a great month in general. I finished up a play I was in, got to hang out with some friends that I didn't get to see because of the play, and of course lets not forget the holiday season.

Last month was also a great month for pictures...I took so many! I even let a few people use my camera...which is REALLY unlike me!

But, anywho...

Here is my month...December pictures...

~December 1st~

I took this backstage at Playmakers (where I go to acting at) in my fairy costume. I miss that costume and all the glitter I wore with it!

~December 3rd~

These are some pictures I shot of Raine and I with my cousin, Echo in the background.

This picture was taken of Raine while she was on my lap. Look at that face!

~December 6th~

We had our cast party for The Lost & Found Christmas and The Velveteen Rabbit after the last show. I always get a little sad whenever I end a play. You get so use to going to play practice and seeing one another so much that it becomes...well...your LIFE! Hahahahaha We had our cast party at a local coffee shop which was just great! I LOVE COFFEE!

Stacy making our coffees

I don't know where they found this mask.

~December 9th~

On this day, Ransome had his monthly group guitar lesson. I decided to bring my camera with me to this one...

But before his class, I shot some of him and I in the car...

Me in my beret


SAY WHAT? Hahahaha!

Here are the ones from his group lesson...

~December 16th~

Now this was a fun day and one of my favorite days of the month: Cornerstone. Cornerstone is a homeschool meeting where we all just get together and hang out. Since it was around the holiday season, we (as in the moms:) wrapped gifts for the needy.

The moms wrapping gifts

I was taking a picture of everyone and Levi comes running by just as I was shooting it!

Don't play with scissors

I was so excited when I saw this mirror! I just had to take this picture...

Drake and I were thinking if we should go into the gym...

...and we decided that we should.

Drake (the one in this picture) actually took this picture. I love it!


My friend bought me this scarf for Christmas. Drake decided to wrap it around his head...

Drake and I decided to write our names on each others arms. "Drake" looks more like "Druke". Hahaha...

Later that day, my homeschool group had book club...

Photoshop made this a cool picture!

I had to get on the ground for this...

My foot...

...and my ring

I look half crazy!

~December 17th~

Just a few quick shots of Raine in the car...

~December 22nd~

Here are some shots of Ransome and Drake skateboarding at my grandparent's house. It was dark out so I was forced to use a flash...

After laying on the cold winter ground for a shot of Drake mid-air...I finally got it!

My Converse...a pink one and a black one...


Ransome again

Trust me, this isn't EVEN half of it with them!

~December 25...CHRISTMAS!~

Raine playing with her stove that Santa brought her :)

Some of my eye-shadows from TOO FACED! One of my favorite lines of makeup.

I love Santa because he brings me makeup from Sephora

Kat Von D's line of makeup is AMAZING!

Me trying on some of my lipsticks that Santa brought me

Playing with my new camera!

This stuff smells so good...

...and this taste so good.

~December 26th~

I went outside to play with my new camera. I'm only going to show a you few from this day. But, if you want to see more, just click on this link.

~December 27th~

The back of my Converse

~December 28th~

<3 Raine & I <3

~December 29th~

Me trying on one of my grandy's MANY pairs of glasses!

~December 30th~

So pretty!

Well, there you have it: my last month of 2009. Hope you enjoyed!

Sealed with a kiss...




Denise said...

your fairy costume is so cute. I want that pink dress.

and you take really good photos.

I am Denise Katipunera

mom & son said...

kids really melt my heart away.
those pics of you with your cousin echo
is so precious!

Rockstar said...

I LOVE your pictures! You're very talented! Can you give me lessons?! LOL! :)

mom & son said...

hi raven
just swinging by ti say Hi.
i hope everything is fine with you.
take care.

Holly said...

Your photos are always so entertaining! I love the ones from the group guitar lesson. You also do an amazing job with close-ups!

Noelle Chantal said...

i see you had so much fun last month! your fairy costume is really cute! i hope you'll post photos from the play you did. :)

your pics with your cousins is so cute! adorable kids! hehe and my most fave shot is your photo wearing your beret. simple and beautiful shot. :)

hope you'll have a wonderful January too! :)

haircutting in high heels said...

love the make up products you shared! Welcome back