Sunday, May 16, 2010

Photo Diary-April 2010

Well, I can't believe we are already in May! April went rather fast, yet not fast enough. Hahahahaha

I must say, one of my favorite things about my pictures this month is the color contrast. It has nothing to do with my camera or me, it has to do with the fact of everything being so bright and springy. The grass is now a beautiful kelly green color...the sky is the perfect shade of blue and is filled with lot's of fluffy white clouds...and how the sun shines bright these days. How could it not make for lot's of colorful pictures?

NOW, what you have been waiting for (or, at least I hope you have;), my Photo Diary of April 2010!

~April 3rd~

My Mom and I went to this food extravaganza called Cochon 555. Cochon 555 is where 5 Chiefs, 5 pigs, and 5 wines COLLIDE. It was very tasty, I must say. Pork is one of my favorite meats!

This maple meat was SOOOO good! It was made by Chief Matt Harris of J&G Grill

This was another favorite of mine: The Catalan. They had some of the most fattest and juiciest pork! I know you were suppose to base your votes on the food, but half of mine was based on their personalty. The guys at Catalan were just so nice and sweet.

This was one of the guys from The Catalan. He asked me what piece of pork I wanted him. I told him, "The fatty one." "Aw, a woman after my own heart", he said. :)

A bathroom shot


There was all kinds of action going on at the OSU Campus (that's where this whole thing took place)! I still have no clue what this was...all I know is that it was some kind of interesting drumming routine. I probably should have asked, but ya know...

~April 4th...Easter Sunday~

My morning was spent coloring eggs. I have always enjoyed coloring eggs, although it stains your hands.

That afternoon, I went outside and had a photoshoot with my cat, Cougar. She just rolled around with me in the grass. She's such a sweetie!

I look so freaky in this shot! Almost on the verge of dead looking.


~April 5th~

I was at Lowe's and I couldn't help but admire the beautiful varity of roses they had. As you know, I LOVE ROSES! So, naturally, I snapped some pictures of 'em...

That afternoon, my family and I went to a skatepark. Right by the skatepark was a park-park. I took Raine and did what you do at a park...PLAY!

Raine "hanging" out hee hee

The baby, plus me, holding hands

Some tiny little flowers Raine picked for me =)

~April 7th~

At this day at the park, I shot more scenery pictures than anything. I love when the sky is that beautiful shade of blue....

~April 9th~

I get bored and pull out Cammy...what can I say?

Upside-down, yet rightside-up

I think I look like some creepy Serial Killer in this

Weird, but I loved how you could see the glitter in my gloss

~April 13th~

I went to a ballgame in "Raetown" of some guys I know. Unfortunately, the pictures didn't turn out that well. :( Although a few did...kind of I guess you could say...

Cayle in high contrast black & white

~April 14th~

Now, this isn't a good picture, but I really like how Raine and I look in it. She likes to get under my jacket (So cute)

~April 17th~

The first couple of pictures are just some from my room...


The beads that hang on my windows

The next series of pictures were taken outside in my backyard. I was really wanting to get pictures of some apples we had in the house. I didn't get as many of the apples as I would have liked to though...

Raine swinging


~April 21st~

At this Cornerstone meeting, we had a science fair. I didn't enter anything, although I shot many photographs!

After all that, Mom went into Reasor's, while Raine & I stayed in the van. We blew some bubbles (I didn't really get any good pictures of them though) outside of the window and just chilled. I snapped some cute ones of us though!

I went to Book Club, but my pictures didn't out. Reason being is because we watched a movie and had to turn out the lights. I didn't want the flash to be going off and such...hee hee

~April 22nd~

My grandma has this pretty, exotic, looking jungle of flowers all over her yard. It made for a fun little photo shoot...

I have no clue how my hair is standing up. Maybe I was pulling it??

My favorite rose ring

Looking up a tree

~April 27th~

Before I went into the doctor's office, Mom was on the phone and I got bored and when I get bored I pull out my camera and when I pull out my camera, I take pictures.

I just loved the lighting in the van...

Mom on the phone ;)

~April 28th~

Another day at the park...the skate park to be exact. Well, I guess a "play park" too...

Reid looking down on me

Raine =)

Ransome airing out of the bowl. It's amazing how is better than some people my own age!

Haily and I


Well, that's all of my pictures from April 2010! Hope you liked...

Sealed with a kiss...

-Raven ;)


Ink Obsession Designs said...

Love, love, love these! The ones of you and Raine are precious!!

Jaime @ La vie...J'aime said...

What a fun photo diary- thanks for sharing! The flowers are so pretty :)

Margaret said...

nawww loves these photos :D
you do the best photo diaries! xx