Friday, March 11, 2011

I Have Been Plummed!

Okay, okay, I'm sure you all are wondering what Plummed means. Plumes are feathers that are beaded into your hair. They come in all different colors and sizes. Today, I got two small Plumes in my hot pink and one blue. I just had to have feathers in my hair. I mean, it is just so fitting with my name and all! Hahaha.

I plan on getting more in different colors. :)

Sealed with a kiss...



Margaret said...

you look amazing! x

Jidhu Jose said...

looks cute and hence following

Jidhu Jose said...

I have an interview section in my blog .

Can i get an interview from u ?
just send a replay :

Holly said...

It looks BEAUTIFUL on you!

Len♥reNeverM♥re said...

Wow Raven, that's a fun look!
You look so lovely!!