Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Rocklahoma 2011

I went to Rocklahoma for the first time last weekend. I can safely say that I had just about the best weekend of my life. The lineup for Rocklahoma was AMAZING this year. Usually the lineup is so-so, but not the 2011 one. It had a great mix of old and new artist. On Friday night, there was Whitesnake, Hinder, Skillet, Sick Puppies, All That Remains, My Darkest Days, Jonathan Tyler & The Northern Lights, Texas Hippie Coalition, New Medicine, Bad Things, Wildstreet, Loveblast, D'Molls, Alias, Blue Tiger, Firststryke, Chuck Coolet and the Demon Hammers, Signum A.D., Silverstone, and Return to Custody. Saturday had Staind, Sebastian Bach, Drowning Pool, Rev Theory, Cavo, Pop Evil, The Gracious Few, Hail The Villain, Taddy Porter, Electric Touch, Gypsy Pistoleros, Cutlass, Mock Star, Aura Surreal, Aska, Strikeforce, Siva Addiction, A Good Fight, Bait, Rock Lips, and Sweatin' Bullets. Sunday--which was one of the best nights in my opinion--had Mötley Crüe (Ahhhh!), Poison, Papa Roach, Seether, Black Label Society, Saving Abel, Escape The Fate, Crooked X, Art of Dying, One Less Reason, Bad Things, The Glitter Boys, Black Tora, New Cool World, Pretty Little Suicide, Diemonds, Brandon Clark Band, David Castro Band, and Desi and Cody. See what I mean about the lineup?! Ahhhh-mazing.

Of course I took a ton of pictures. I tried to get a few of each band that hit the mainstage, although I did get some of the ones on the smaller stage...

Day 1

Aside from Saturday's lineup, I was really excited about Fridays. I got to meet two bands on Friday--Skillet & Sick Puppies! My friend got a meet & greet pass from KMOD for Skillet. He just walked up to the KMOD booth at Rocklahoma and told them how much of a Skillet fan he is and they gave it to him! The meet & greet got him in plus one of person (me).

My Darkest Days.

Me with Skillet! I just loved Skillet. They were SOOO NICE and friendly...and not that fake kinda nice.

Skillet signed my ticket!

Sick Puppies!

Lynn Hernandez & I at the KMOD booth!


How many time can a person see Hinder in lifetime and not get tired of them? I think the answer would be that it's not possible to get tired of them! I've seen them 3 times and I enjoy them just as much each and every time.

Austine Winkler, I love you.

Day 2

Day 2 was probably my least favorite day. Not that I didn't like it or enjoy it, it's just I wasn't all too crazy for anyone there. Still had a good time though...

My henna tattoo, before it cracked.

Rev Theory!

Adelitas Way!!

I got to meet them (Adelitas Way) after they finished their set. :) I just wish this picture would have turned out better. =P

The most amazing cherry limeade EVER! SO GOOD!

Drowning Pool! Let the bodies hit the floor...

I am an odd one.

Sebastian Bach.


Aaron Lewis doing "Country Boy".

Day 3

The night I had been waiting for! Mötley Crüe, Papa Roach, Saving Abel, & Seether! OH. M. GEEEEEEEE.

Saving Abel!

Love that the guitarist in Saving Abel is wearing a Dr. Feelgood shirt!


Glitter Boys "boy". :)
Jacoby Shaddix came into the crowd!

I'm sorry, but I found this rather WRONG.

Papa Roach!


It's Mötley Crüe!!!!!!!

Nikki Sixx.

Mick Mars solo.


I was so scared that I wouldn't get a good picture of Nikki Sixx! I'm so happy that this one turned out...

You can't really see it, but Nikki is giving the "rock star" sign in the background.

Goodbye Mötley Crüe, until next time! ;)


Hope you all enjoyed looking over my Memorial Day weekend pix!

Sealed with a kiss...


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Vince said...

Well before Hinder, I wish you came to the Retrospect Record Stage and saw Blue Tiger, Im Vince, we moved up our time to just before hinder so we could watch the Texas Hippy Collition, instead of compete with them for the slot,
would have been a pleasure to meet and hang, be blessed